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T99 News

Catch up on 2020 Player Email Communications Below:

T99 Streaming Links and More Information For Day 1: Sent July 7th at 10:30 AM

T99 Campers and Families:
Please check the updated rosters posted on the website. We only made a couple of changes and have emailed those people affected individually. 
The game schedule remains the same. 

The streaming links for all 3 fields can be found on the home page of the T99 website at  They are not operational yet but we hope ConnectLax will have them running later today. The streams will be on ConnectLax’s You Tube page. These links will be tweeted out and will also be emailed out to college coaches. If you have a particular college coach you would like to send the streaming links to, please feel free to do so. 

We have had a few people ask if they could bring in draw string bags to put their masks and phones in when they are not using them. That is a good idea and it's fine to do so. 

Finally, if you are a defenseman please bring a short stick as well if you have one so that when you are not in at close or lsm you can take some short stick d runs. 

Remember to self screen before you come to the fields today and just a reminder to bring the originals of your waivers. 

Please let us know if you have any questions.

T99 Staff

T99 Check In and Facility Map: Sent July 6th at 1:53 PM


We will post an updated roster list to the website. We only moved one player and he has been notified. It is always good to check the website for updates. 


For Check-In Tomorrow. In order to avoid lines, we are going to give your reversibles to your assigned coach and they will have your reversibles at the field before your first game. Please show up 60-40 minutes before your first game to get your reversible. DO NOT SWITCH REVERSIBLES WITH ANOTHER PLAYER AND PLEASE KEEP TRACK OF YOUR REVERSIBLES. 


We have attached a site map. The easiest thing to do is to park in the Anderson Lot and allow your player to walk to the Screening Area 1 Entry across from Starbucks.  


If you drop off your player in front of the school they have to walk a little farther past the construction to the Screening Area 2.  Screening Area 1 is much more convenient. 


Please remember-


2. Remember masks/buffs when you are walking to and from the fields or spectating. Once your helmet goes on, no masks are required. 

3. AGAIN, No spectators will be allowed

4. Self-Screen before you arrive. 

5. Please leave your bags in the car. 

6. Check to make sure you have all your equipment before you leave your car (including mouthpiece). There will be officials on the games.

7. Do not congregate or cluster 


Coach Devoe and Coach Toomy can answer questions at the field and we will have people manning the staff email account responding to issues as quickly as possible.  


ConnectLax is on site and we are working on streaming logistics as we write this. ConnectLax will be filming all fields. T99 is buying the game film for every player of every game and that film will be disseminated as quickly as possible after the camp to all players. 


We are sure we will get some questions if it starts to rain. We will play through rain. If the lightning detector goes off on site a horn will blare. We will ask the players to return to their vehicles for the length of any lightning delay. Any scheduling modifications will be posted on the website as a result any delay. 

If there are torrential downpours, the grass field may become unplayable. If that is the case, there will be schedule modifications and we will use the two turf fields. Any schedule modifications will be posted on the website and we will notify you of same. 


Please let us know if you have any questions. 


T99 Staff

Email Sent July 3rd From The Website On Teams, Game Schedules, Jersey #'s and Covid Guidelines

T99 Players and Families:

We have posted the team assignments and jersey numbers on the website. We have also posted the game schedule along with updated Covid guidelines that have more specificity. 

Find the most up to date information on the home page of the website at:

We will keep the website updated with any further changes.   Have a great 4th!


T99 Staff

Email Sent out to all registered players on July 1st: Welcome to Camp Email

T99 Camper and Families:


Registration is closed for T99 so over the next day or so schedules and teams will be released/posted. Also, we have received some questions about film for this years event. T99 will purchase the film for each player from ConnectLax and will disseminate it as quickly as possible at the conclusion of the event. 


Below are the guidelines that we must comply with for this year's event. These guidelines are in place to protect our players, family/friends, coaches and staff. We thank you for your patience and understanding.


We are required to have two waivers signed by each player/guardian (if a player is below 18). Both waivers are attached. Waiver 1 is from the facility and Waiver 2 is for T99. Please email back the executed signature pages from both waivers to  and have your player bring the executed original with them the first day and they will hand it in as they enter the facility.   Every player must email in both executed waivers before they will be allowed to participate.   Waivers will show up as links at the bottom of this email and are also placed on the home page of the T99 website.  


Please let us know if you have any questions.  We thank you for your patience and understanding. We look forward to a great event. 






2. There will be no spectators allowed at T99 this year. For those looking to watch, we are making every effort to stream the event from each field so you can watch your loved one play. 


3. We will send out a diagram of where players can park but players may also be dropped off in front of the stadium (12345 Inwood Road, Dallas, Texas 75244). 


4. As the players/coaches arrive and depart from campus, they should do so in masks or face coverings. Players do not have to wear face coverings while they play. Coaches must wear face coverings while they coach. 


5. As they arrive on campus for the first time, players and coaches will be asked a series of questions. 


·       Have you had any contact with a person who is/was positive for COVID–19?


·       Any signs of new or worsening cough or shortness of breath/difficulty breathing?


·       Any symptoms of the following: chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, diarrhea?



 If a player/coach answers yes to any of the questions, they will be asked to leave the campus and they will not be allowed to participate in T99. 

6. Player’s/coache's temperatures will also be taken as they arrive on campus. A player/coach that has above a 99.5 degree temperature will not be allowed to participate in T99.  We will take the temperature several times and ask the player/coach to sit in the shade to cool off and retake the temperature. If after a period of time the player’s temperature is still above 99.5 degrees, the player/coach will be asked to leave and may not participate in T99. 


7. Each player will be given a reversible. The player will receive their reversible from their coach before the first game at the field. Reversibles will be lined up on the field and 6 feet apart, so that social distance measures are followed.



8. Players must have their own labeled water or thermos. WE CANNOT PROVIDE THE PLAYERS WATER THIS YEAR. MAKE SURE YOU BRING ADEQUATE AMOUNTS OF WATER AND LABEL IT WITH YOUR NAME. Players should place their water at least 10 feet away from other players. 


9. Players should not bring their lacrosse bags on site. 


10. There will be no food, drinks or concessions sold at T99 this year. 


11. Ideally, once your game is completed you would return to your vehicle for the down time before your next game begins. We are trying to limit the time between games for each team. If the player decides to stay on campus to watch other games, we ask that the player sit in the stands and stay 10 feet apart from any other player and YOU MUST WEAR A FACE COVERING WHILE SPECTATING IF YOU STAY ON CAMPUS.   


12. Currently, the schedule has each team playing at least 5 games. The games will be two 25 minute running time halves. The games are NCAA rules (other than shot clock) and that includes the new face-off rules.  


13. We are asking face-off mids to consider wearing face-shields while facing off. If they do not have one, we will provide one for them. 


14. There will be no huddles on the sidelines and we ask that players stand six feet apart while on the sidelines. We will put cones down as guides for the players. 


15. PLAYERS/COACHES SHOULD NOT CONGREGATE AT ANY TIME. The most likely time for this to occur would be as players/coaches get water, enter and/or depart the facility. 


16. There will be hand sanitizer available for players to use as well as restrooms. 


17. There will be an athletic trainer on site. 


T99 Staff

Email sent to all registered players on 6/13/2020

T99 Campers and Families:


In our effort to be completely transparent and continue to be clear and concise with our communication we wanted to address the NCAA Division 2’s ruling which was passed down Thursday. The NCAA extended the Division 2 recruiting quiet period through July 31. Because of T99's distinction as a camp, where the college coaches actively coach each team and not just a showcase, the following D2 schools have determined they will continue to attend T99 despite the quiet period extension: Limestone, Lynn, Wilmington, Mars Hill, Newberry, Walsh and Lees-McCrae. The following D2 schools can no longer attend: University of Indianapolis, Colorado Mesa, Quincy and Lander. 


Conversely, some of the initially confirmed D3 schools are no longer attending due to university or individual travel decisions. Below is a complete and up to date list of schools attending.


As we previously stated- T99 will provide ALL D1, D2 and D3 programs with game film from the weekend. College coaches will login with their contact information on the ConnectLax site to watch the T99 film. We will pass along to each of you a list of those college coaches that watched T99 on ConnectLax. 


Thank you for being understanding of the ever-changing circumstances we all are dealing with on a daily basis.  Our goals are to (i) provide as safe an environment as we can for our campers, (ii) bring as many college coaches down to Texas as possible, (iii)  provide film of the event to college coaches of all divisions thus maximizing exposure for our campers, and (iv) have the college coaches coach the T99 players on the sidelines during the event so as to make them better lacrosse players.   


Finally, we are trying to be as transparent as possible and if any circumstances change, we will continue to update you. 


Please understand there are no changes to the current dates and times of the event. T99 is still at Dallas Jesuit and will be on July 7 (3:00pm-10:30pm) and July 8 (8:00am-1:00pm).  If you have registered you do not need to reregister. 


Please let us know if you have any questions at

Email Sent to all registered players on 5/22/20

T99 Campers and Families:

We apologize for our delay in getting a new date out to you. We are excited to announce, as of last night, we finalized the new dates of July 7 and July 8. The location of T99 will remain the same at Dallas Jesuit. T99 is ON and excited to once again be the premier start to the recruiting season.


T99 will comply with all CDC and Texas guidelines in place at that time. We will be providing our COVID plan and procedures in a subsequent email to follow.  In the event that things change and we have to cancel because of COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the State of Texas or the facility, then participants will receive a refund.


T99 will still take place regardless of the upcoming NCAA decision on whether they extend their recruiting dead period or not. T99 is working with our video partner, Connectlax, to ensure that the event will be live streamed as well as filmed and recorded (via our video offer) for purchase. We will also disseminate game film to all DI, D2 and D3 coaches.  This will not take the place of players film since it will only be full games.


We will continue to provide updates as to the exact hours of the event in the coming week. Our plan is to have T99 primarily in the evening hours so the heat is less of a factor for the players. 


Registration will re-open immediately and we will now offer 2020 players the opportunity to participate.


Please let us know if you have any questions. We will send out further updates as information becomes available. Thanks again for your patience. These times have presented us with some unique obstacles that we will overcome and are excited to operate in 2020. 


Fight on!

T99 Staff

Email sent to all registered players on 4/14/2020

Hello T99 Camper,


We hope this email finds you and your family safe and healthy. We know this is a very difficult and uncertain time for all of you. Since the announcement of the NCAA's extension of the Dead Period to May 31st, we have been looking to try and finalize new dates for our 2020 T99 event and are looking to lock down a facility. As we move forward, the safety of our campers, parents, staff and college coaches is our primary concern.  We obviously will follow all local, state and federal guidelines with respect to the Covid-19 pandemic. We hope to have more information on our new dates by May 5 but if we have updates earlier, we will let you know. 


Please know that if we cannot hold T99 this year as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, each of our campers will promptly receive a full refund. We are sorry for this uncertainty, but we are going to do everything in our power to hold the event for the players in Texas this year because we believe the event has become more important than ever for Texas players. Thank you for your patience. 



T99 Staff